All Things Digital and Disruptive





Electrical professionals need to know how new and disruptive technologies can and will revolutionize their businesses. In 2017 Disruptive Technology and the Digital Media lounge will collide on the show floor this year to become TECHTOPIA, all things digital and disruptive, during NECA 2017 Seattle.

There will be several elements to this exciting area (booth 1341):

  • Six cutting edge new companies displaying transformational and disruptive technologies that you can see, touch and discuss with manufacturers execs. The companies are listed below.
  • Meet L. Joe (Joey) Shorter, Ph.D. Executive Director ELECTRI and Director of Research, NECA will be available to discuss details
  • Talk with Dahlia El Gazzar, Digital Tech Evangelist + Idea Igniteur, and Midori Connolly, positive change pioneer for technology and sustainability for the event industry. Learn how to leverage social media for your business!  From apps to gadgets, our experts can give you everything you need to dominate the digital world.  Learn about Mobile Devices, Productivity Apps, Cool Gadgets, Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Meet Tim Speno, President / CEO, E2E Summit.  His company develops and implements a series of industry specific, Executive – to – Executive meetings to connect industry visionaries, innovators, and pioneers.
  • TECHTOPIA Theater: A complete schedule of 18 minute “Tech Talks” that are a “must attend” if your company is forward-thinking.



  1. Rhumbix
    Rhumbix is a mobile platform designed to increase construction productivity and safety. We are the first company to use crew telematics to capture field data in real-time from worker’s smartphones. The result is safer job sites, a reduced administrative burden, and more time at the work face.
  1. Fieldwire
    Fieldwire is a mobile-first (iPad / iPhone, Android) collaboration platform designed for construction foremen, superintendents and engineers. The application allows field workers to access up-to-date information like blueprints, files and tasks directly on their mobile device.
  1. ManufactOn
    ManufactOn is a collaborative, cloud, and mobile solution for prefab production and supply chain management. We founded ManufactOn to help the construction industry leverage the power of prefabrication, with tools that integrate supply chain, prefab production, and planning. We are AEC and technology veterans who are working with construction industry leaders, designing for efficiency, usability and best practices.
  1., Inc. is a software company focused on solving the management, collaboration, search and analysis challenges associated with industrial videos and photos. Its SmartTag Engine leverages machine learning to listen to (voice recognition) and watch (image recognition) what is seen in a video or photo and then automatically tags it according to defined terms. The platform saves significant time for teams, provides a better way to communicate with clients, tames the challenge of enterprise-wide media management, and provides a photo and/or video “insurance policy” which allows for easy retrieval of key imagery.
  2. Holobuilder
    We offer construction professionals and real estate agents the opportunity to create and share 360° views of their buildings. Through quick digitalization of information, our platform allows reduced travel, transaction and legal costs throughout the entire building lifecycle. Buildings don’t move, but people do! HoloBuilder solves this problem with digital Job Walks allowing people to visit construction sites in 360° from anywhere and everywhere.
  1. CIS Drones
    We are a UAS company specializing in BLOS and long duration operations. We have a focus on the construction industry, search and rescue, and power infrastructure. Drone demonstrations will be piloted by Thomas Waterman,  CEO and co-founder of Consolidated Imaging Systems, He is a certified FAA Systems Specialist and IBEW trained electrician. He is a FAA part 107 certificate holder as well as a sUAS master trainer with the US Army with over 5000 hours of flight time.



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